Running for city council is about a wide range of issues that are important to our community: It's about safety, health, education, sustainability, transportation, jobs, investing in our children, and acknowledging the desperate need our city has to address disparities and inequalities. It's about a dramatically changing climate.


Take my short survey and tell me about the issues you care about – the issues that impact your life. I'll review the results- your participation will help us run a more vigorous campaign. I am so excited about the campaign ahead. It means the world to know that we're in this together. It's our only chance. 



Opportunities for the Northside (District 18) 

I believe in community investment that provides opportunities for all to thrive, cultivate and nurture children (of all abilities) and families, support economic development and social well-being by focusing on innovative skills and infrastructure, and overall economic growth and sustainability. 


As your Alder, I will: 

  • Advocating for adequate funding for community centers, public libraries, and schools. 

  • Investing in accessible programs for children of all abilities 

  • Supporting the development of new affordable housing and programs that support homeownership and a multi-model transit system. 

  • Promoting public participation in community spending and decision-making 

  • Supporting the transition to a clean economy and developing and delivering information on climate change.

  • Working with local officials to increase energy efficiency and expedite the transition to clean energy.

  • Assessing the public and private sector needs to allocate funding adequately. 

  • Sustaining and attracting a vibrant and inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem meeting our residents' basic and consumer needs.

  • Providing educational opportunities for leadership development, community, and civic engagement. 

  • Ensuring that Northside residents have equitable access to governmental and private non-profit resources and opportunities.

All of the above mentioned are key components in reaching my goal to create a safe and thriving community in the Northside.

Responsive Representation

  • The main role of an alder is to listen to and address constituents’ concerns. I pledge to be a responsive alder who will be sure to always respond to and engage district 18 constituents.

  • Establish long- and short-term objectives and priorities

  • Engage citizens to participate in all matters

A Safe And Thriving Northside

  • Public health approach to violence prevention by

    • Investing in youth by supporting existing community centers and public libraries

    • Continuing to expand the mental health first response team

  • Supporting small businesses by working actively with the Northside Planning Council, the Latino and Black Chambers of Commerce, and the City Economic Development staff to retain and attract businesses to the Northside

  • Addressing housing affordability by investing city funds in building and maintaining more affordable rental housing and helping support homeownership

Racial Equity And Social Justice Advocacy


  • Amplify and promote the underrepresented voices

  • Strengthen the communities by working side by side with traditional and organic community leaders

  • Support the development of a diverse and inclusive ecosystem

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